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ENA Marketing and Management limited is a leading marketing and management services provider at a very affordable price. Our highly qualified team is here to help you grow your business , wethere it is management or marketing we specialise in business management and growth.


Our uncommon approach to managing assets and protecting wealth is integral to the way in which we work with clients. We take a responsible and more accountable attitude with your portfolio to deliver a better quality of service to ensure that your investment strategy continues to meet the financial objectives agreed at the outset


Marketing is undergoing a fundamental change as power shifts to the consumer, channels proliferate and competition intensifies. The continuing emergence of social media and mobile devices is transforming consumers’ buying behavior and increasing their influence. As a result, organizations can no longer afford to focus their marketing efforts exclusively on broad awareness and demand generation..


We work with senior executives on the organisational decisions and interventions needed to put new strategies and business models into effect, to navigate successfully key corporate 'life events' such as acquisitions or major restructuring and to find answers to pressing performance issues..

Affordable Business Consulting Service

Our Service:

  • Business Planning.
  • Marketing.
  • Marketing Management.
  • Risk management.
  • Change management.